DPG Spring Meeting 2017, Dresden


EMC2016, Lyon


MC2015, Göttingen


IMC18, Prague


7th Nanowire Growth Workshop, Lausanne

DPG Spring Meeting 2013, Regensburg

MC2013, Regensburg


EMC15, Manchester

DPG Spring Meeting 2012, Berlin

  • B. Bauer, J. Bill, M. Soda, A. Rudolph, E. Reiger and J. Zweck, "Elemental and Structural Analysis of Nanowires in Cross-Sectional Specimens", DPG 2012, Berlin, Germany


MC2011, Kiel

  • B. Bauer, J. Bill, M. Soda, A. Rudolph, E. Reiger, J. Zweck, "Ultramicrotomy: a fast and gentle sample preparation method for nanowire cross sections", MC2011, Kiel, Germany
  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Zweck, "A software tool for evaluating and enhancing the quality of EELS spectra for EMCD", MC2011, Kiel, Germany

DPG Spring Meeting 2011, Dresden

  • M. Lohr, J. Thalmair, M. Jetter, F. Scholz, J. Zweck, "Locally resolved imaging of internal electric fields in GaN-GaInN quantum wells by differential phase contrast microscopy", DPG 2011, Dresden, Germany
  • J. Hubmann , B. Bauer , A. Rudolph , M. Soda , A. Fontcuberta i Morral , D. Schuh , D. Bougeard , J. Zweck , E. Reiger, "Influence of the Nanowire Interdistance on Growth Conditions and Crystal Structure of Self-Catalyzed GaAs Nanowires Grown via MBE", DPG 2011, Dresden, Germany


IMC17, Rio de Janeiro

  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Thalmair, M. Lohr, J. Zweck, "Investigation of the effect of ring electrodes on the electron beam in the TEM", IMC2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


EMC14, Aachen

  • A. Hasenkopf, J. Zweck, "Development of components for a ChiralSTEM - Mode", EMC2008, Aachen, Germany